CrunchTime: Professional Responsibility, #lawschool

I had the pleasure of using the e-book version of Crunch Time: Professional Responsibility to study for my Professional Responsibility exam.  I was already a fan of this series, so I was very excited to discover that they were available in electronic form.  The Crunch Time series is nice because it provides a very succinct overview of the entire course, including practice multiple choice and essay questions.  This is especially helpful when studying for a final exam and creating an outline.  Further, the Crunch Time series includes flow charts, which really put any subject into an easy to understand format (especially if you are a visual learner).  One of the best aspects of the e-book version is that it is very easy to search for specific topics and subjects.  The only problem I had was with initially downloading the book.  You have to install a program and there seemed to be some confusion with the order in the beginning.  Eventually I got it worked out and I was very impressed with the product.  I would highly recommend any of the books in the Crunch Time series, and any e-book for that matter.  E-books really make it a lot easier to stay organized and the ease of searching cannot be beat.  After all, usually you are searching for a specific piece of information when you are using a supplement and it is so much easier to do this with an electronic version.

To find electronic study aids and study aid chapters visit –

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Be a Next-Gen Law Student: SMARTe Books

The SMARTe book I used for this review is Ethical Problems (Lerman), 3E, for Professional Responsibility. 

You take out your casebook – Property – you have to read 5 cases by tomorrow morning.  It’s 30 pages, no sweat.

You need to read the book while taking notes at the same time, and doing this comfortably requires more than just the ability to multitask.  So you rearrange your desk–throw away the old Red Bull can, and find a good spot for your new one.  Re-position your desk lamp so you can read the book, but avoid glare on the screen.  Finally, you find that sweet spot.  You’re ready to start reading the book.

So you open a word document, and before you start typing, you save it–“Briefs_2013-01-30_Property_Adverse Possession.”  Make sure that it’s saved in a way so you can find it easily tomorrow and know be able to identify it if you need it come finals time.

Next, you turn to your drawer and scramble its contents–you need a blue, yellow, and orange highlighter, and a pencil for margin notes.  Your out of lead, so you take our your trusty No. 2 and sharpen it.

…and so it goes.

If this process is all too familiar–I just gave you 5 simple reasons for switching to SMARTe books.  

With a SMARTe book, everything is in one place.  There’s no need to switch from laptop to book, from book to laptop because everything you need is already there.  You can search for key terms–no need to crawl through an index; you don’t need to haul around a casebook and make extra space on your desk; you can highlight and take notes efficiently (and your highlights/notes are automatically filed and easy to find); your case briefs are filed in and saved with the book.  Whenever you have your laptop (or smartphone), you have your casebook–read it on the subway, the bus, or the metro with ease.  NO MORE DEALING with those little things that waste time and cut into your study “flow.”

The biggest revolution in the field of law was the introduction of online legal databases.  Why stop there?   SMARTe books are the Lexis and Westlaw of casebooks.

Try a SMARTe book.  You will not truly realize their benefits until you experience them for yourself.  Once you try it, you will always ask for the SMARTe book edition of your casebook.  

For More Information –

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What do they mean to “think like a lawyer”

I remember my first day of 1L orientation, when people voiced concerns about how law school would change who they are and their feelings about why they were here.  I scoffed at those folks, who apparently lacked the solid plan that I had in place.  I had entered law school, fresh off a nasty estate fight for a family farm.  My goal was to use my previous experience in customer service to help create a better environment for estate planning.  I suffered through my first semester Legal Writing class; just teach me how to use a book of forms, and I will be golden.wheelchair

But, then, the summer after my first year, I got offered one of those great law clerk jobs you can’t really say no to.  My first assignment was an appellate brief, not exactly the stuff dreams are made of.  But, then, I was asked to research some case law on a motion for summary judgment for a tort case.  This motion was ludicrous, this woman was left disabled.  Suddenly, I found myself getting angry and wanting to win.  Advocacy was no longer about synthesizing law and analogizing cases.  Advocacy was about winning for this client.  I found myself dragging back out my Legal writing textbooks and notes.  I wanted to become the legal writer I should have been back in class.  The goal had become different, it was not about a grade, it was about winning for our clients.

The passion I felt that day has shaped my law school experience since.  My view on what it means “to think like a lawyer” has changed – how can we read the law and make our client’s position fit?  My disgust for legal writing has changed to a great passion for the adversarial writing that comes with litigation.  And, perhaps most importantly, I am no longer concerned with a future as a transactional lawyer, and now find myself interested in pursuing a career in a courtroom, advocating for others.

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Are exams really around the corner?!

Summer will get here

Summer will get here

The weather is getting nicer, but the atmosphere in law schools are all over the nation is getting tenser.  Its that time of the year again, where finals are slowly creeping up on us and we all have the same question in our minds: what have we been doing all semester? With finals about a month away, and barrister’s around the corner, students are taking their last moments of sanity to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I find studying by myself to be the most beneficial. I’ve tried studying in groups and honestly, they take up more time goofing around then anything else. If you have questions or don’t understand anything, then ask a friend or professor. But don’t waste your precious time studying with large groups.

Set up a schedule. From the day you decide your turn around for the semester, plan goals for EACH day until your last final. Of course leave some extra days, just in case you fell behind one day. Be practical about what you can do with respect to your daily schedule right now.

Decide what you want to use to study with. Class notes and your own book notes of course are key. Obtaining previous students’ outlines are also beneficial if they are the same class and same professor. But don’t go too far back, because things are constantly changing in the law. Then decide which supplements you will be needing. For me, I like to do practice problems to help me learn. Hence why I probably own most LIAFs. For subjects which are a little more complex, I get the E&Es and Crunchtimes because they breaks things down easily and quickly.

When we finish, we will have the gorgeous weather to look to and the summer months of ahead of us. So hang in there, and you’ll make it through!

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Job Opportunity – Wolters Kluwer Law and Business Student Rep 2013-2014

Table Day

Table Day Example

Most law students remember their law school experience before and after study aids. And many law students can relate to how Examples & Explanations, Emanuel Law Outlines, CrunchTime or one of our others series have saved them in law school (Thanks! We try). Law students frequently share that they discovered study aids and their benefits because a trusted peer shared the value of study aids with them. If nothing else, study aids make life in law school a little easier and more successful.

The Wolters Kluwer Student Representative is hired to spread the word on their campus about the available WK Law & Business study aids. The position is mainly about sharing your law school experiences and educating others. Additionally, Student Representatives promote occasional discounts and deals we offer direct to student. The position takes 5 to 10 hours per week and has a great compensation package. If you have questions or would like to submit your resume, email us at  Click here to see the full job description. Position is also posted via Simplicity.

Here are the law schools where we are hiring for Fall 2013:

American University – Washington
Barry University
Baylor University
Campbell University
Cardozo University
Cleveland State University
Cornell University
Duke University
Fordham University
Georgetown University
Golden Gate University
Gonzaga University
Harvard University
Howard University
IIT Chicago – Kent SOL
Loyola – New Orleans
Massachusetts School of Law
Mercer University
Mississippi College
New York University
North Carolina Central University
Northeastern University
Notre Dame
Ohio Northern University
Penn State – Dickinson
Rutgers University – Newark
Santa Barbara Law School
Seattle University
Southern Illinois University
St. John’s University – Queens
St. Louis University
Stanford University
Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
TM Cooley – Ann Arbor
TM Cooley – Auburn Hills
TM Cooley – Lansing
Trinity Law School
University of Arkansas – Fayetteville (UARK)
University of California- Irvine
University of Chicago
University of Denver
University of District of Columbia
University of Hawaii
University of Idaho
University of Iowa
University of Miami
University of Montana
University of Nebraska
University of New Hampshire
University of North Dakota
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of San Diego
University of South Dakota
University of Southern California, Gould
University of St. Thomas (MN)
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
University of Texas – Austin
University of Tulsa
University of Virginia
University of Washington-Seattle
University of Wisconsin
Washington University St. Louis
Wayne State University
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Completing the Character and Fitness Application

First off, it is really important to submit your character and fitness application as soon asCharacter and Fitness possible. Over the summer when you’re drowning in bar prep, the last thing you want to deal with is supplementing missing information or worse yet, waiting in anticipation to hear that your application has been approved. I know a couple of people who passed the state bar, but cannot be sworn in and thus, cannot practice, because their character and fitness application is still pending.

Second, I recommend gathering all of the information that you will need to complete the character and fitness application before sitting down to actually fill out the online application. This makes the process much more smooth and less frustrating.

For my state’s character and fitness application (California), the pertinent information that was required included: residence history for the past eight years; all current and previous employment; five personal references, of which at least one must be a member of the Bar, and of which only one may be a law professor from which you have received instruction. Additionally, if you have any other credentials and/or licenses, you will likely need to include that on your application. Finally, be prepared to submit information about the following if it applies to you: complaints and/or professional discipline; mental illness, disease, or disorder; civil actions and discipline; convictions; bondedness and indebtedness; bankruptcy; chemical dependency.

Though each state’s bar is likely to require different variations or levels of depth for each category of the application, the pertinent information outlined above is a good starting point. I recommend reviewing your state’s character and fitness application, and making a list of all categories of information required to complete the application.

Also, keep in mind that for each of the items you are required to report on, it is beneficial to prepare yourself by gathering more information than may be necessary. Though having too much “paperwork” can be overwhelming, it is surely better than scrambling last minute in an effort to remember or find your dorm address from freshman year.

Last but not least, continue to be proactive about your character and fitness application after you have submitted it. Maintain frequent contact with your state bar’s character and fitness department to stay updated on the status of your application. Good luck!

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Character, Fitness, and You

The character and Fitness portion of the bar application absolutely, positively has to be the single most unnerving and distressing portion of the entire application. I mean, depending on the state you are in, it seems like you have to write down and share with strangers every single wrong you’ve ever committed in your life. Parking tickets? Yep. Ticket for a tail light out? Yep. Got fired from a job? Check. That candy bar you stole from your sister and told her the dog ate it when you were 5? Well, better safe than sorry.

It’s embarrassing and humbling to tell complete strangers about all the missteps we’ve had in life. All of these little incidents can add up quickly and before you know it, you’re looking at your application like a rap sheet; and a particularly full one at that. But as you’re filling out all your life’s mistakes, try and keep in mind that is all they are: your mistakes. They don’t ask you about all your amazing accomplishments (like getting through law school!) or how much you had to overcome. They don’t care how good a friend you are, or about all those opportunities you had to do the wrong thing and chose not to. But you should. So just be as open and honest as you can; they’ll never ask you again or pry any further, unless you try and hide something. And, after writing down seemingly every single thing you’ve done wrong in your life, go out and have an ice cream or a drink with friends; confide in them, vent to them, and let them remind you that, at the end of the day, you are far more than some missteps listed on a piece of paper.

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Contest and Rebate – Win An iPad Mini and other Prizes

Why not get an extra deal on the casebooks and study aids you are buying for Spring semester?

1. Buy your NEW Spring Semester Wolters Kluwer/Aspen textbooks and study aids iPad minibetween December 15 and January 31 from the campus bookstore, or any retailer other than Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.
2.  Save your receipt and send us a picture of it. Submit your receipt for the rebate and to enter contest by e-mailing the following information to:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • School Name
  • Graduation year
  • Phone (for prize shipment)
  • Name of Retailer where books were purchased
  • Plus a legible picture of your receipt or invoice

3. Get money back and enter to win a prize:
$20 back for a $200 purchase of new books
$30 back for a $300 purchase of new books
$40 back for a $400 purchase of new books
Every NEW Aspen/Wolters Kluwer Law & Business title on your receipt is an entry into our drawing. There will be 4 winners selected.
Prizes include:

  • an iPad Mini 32 GB
  • WKL&B textbooks for a semester (not to exceed $500 at list price)
  • WKL&B study aids for a semester (not to exceed $250 at list price)
  • Kindle Fire 16 GB

Email entry with required information and legible receipt must be sent by 11:59 pm, January 31st 2013 to: Each new WKL&B/Aspen title purchased is an entry to win one of our drawing prizes. Winners will be selected via a random drawing on February 1, 2013. Rebate will be paid via electronic gift card by February 15, 2013. Submit your receipt for the rebate and enter contest by e-mailing the following information to us: Name, Email address, School Name, Graduation year, Phone (for prize shipment), Name of Retailer where books were purchased, plus a legible picture of your receipt or invoice. All information must be provided to be eligible for the drawing and rebate.
Offer valid on purchases made from December 15, 2012 through January 31, 2013. $200 or more in qualifying new titles must be purchased in a single transaction to be eligible for the rebate. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Not valid on previous purchases or used books. Reimbursement via electronic gift card in the amount of $20, $30 or $40 (U.S. dollars). Prizes will be awarded and assigned via a random drawing, one prize per winner.

If you are not eligible for the rebate you can still enter your receipt into the drawing if you have purchased any new products from Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. There is also the option of entering the drawing one time without a purchase.

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The Best Study Advice I Ever Got…

My first semester of law school, like most other students out there, I was freaking out. How was I going to cram nearly four months’ worth of material for four separate classes into my brain, and somehow be able to recall it for a three-hour period? I hadn’t done particularly well in undergrad, and while I felt good about the material as we were learning it, my fears about failing and disappointing my friends and family were becoming overwhelming, and I felt like my study sessions were getting less and less useful.

Finally, when I was at my breaking point, a 3L who I had befriended pulled me aside and gave me the best study advice for finals ever: Make sure you stop and breathe. You can study the material over and over, but you reach a point of diminishing returns and it finally stops being useful at all. So take two hours and watch a movie; go to dinner with someone outside of law school (and don’t talk about law school), take the dog for a walk, whatever. Do something fun. Recharge your batteries. You’ll feel better, and find your study sessions far more productive if you do.

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